SCO is proud hosts of the 2019 IFES World Assembly. Taking place every five years, the World Assembly is the largest gathering of student movements within our organisation. It brings together staff and students from across all the IFES movements, each year under a new theme and topic for discussion. World Assembly 2019 will be held from 3-11 July 2019 in Bela Bela, Limpopo, South Africa.

Volunteering at WA2019

World Assembly takes place every four years, gathering around 1,000 IFES students, faculty, staff and board members from the four corners of the globe. It is a time to hear from God, and to share with one another; a time of encouragement, of prayer, and of worship. In the past, God has used this event in remarkable ways to further our ministry. Such a conference could not be run without volunteers. The team of volunteers serves in many different ways throughout the event – with registration, catering, stage management, room organising, ushers etc etc. Most of the volunteers will come from SCO and other South African student ministries, with some more coming from other African IFES movement. It would be great if you could enrich the conference with your service and show hospitality to brothers and sisters from all over the world!

If you consider volunteering at World Assembly 2019…

… please carefully read the information below. Fill out the entry form below as soon as possible and no later than 20th November 2018.

If you want to apply as a volunteer, you should …

    • have a minimum age of 18 at World Assembly 2019
    • be a student, staff worker or associate of SCO
    • be an active member of SCO
    • have attended a local, provincial or national SCO conference
    • get a reference from two people – a church leader or a Christian mentor AND a SCO staff member or PC leader
    • be a team worker and willing to serve
    • have a humble character
    • be willing to serve cross-culturally
    • cover your transportation cost to and from the conference venue, as well as a contribution to accommodation and food at the conference. As a volunteer you will get a 50% discount, so that you would have to pay R 6,000 (we know this is still a huge amount of money … . Please consider fundraising at your church, in your family, etc.)
    • be available from 30th June – 13th July 2019
    • commit to continue being active in SCO over the next two years (whether as a student or graduate)

Any questions regarding volunteering at World Assembly?

  Please contact us at [email protected] or +2781 586 1484.

Apply here:

  Apply to volunteer at World Assembly 2019