STEM Programme

STEM stands for Short Term Experience in Ministry. It is a program that is designed to give graduates an opportunity to give one year of their lives, after tertiary, to serve God through SCO.

Are you ready for a 12 month life changing experience? Have you completed your Diploma/Degree? Can you raise a minimum of R1500.00 per month for your living expenses? Are you willing to serve in Student Ministry for a year? Then this programme is for you!


Benefits of being a STEM worker

Here is what you’ll cover throughout the year:

  1. Knowing Jesus and making Him known
  2. Discipleship Training in a student context
  3. Preparing Bible Studies, equipping students to share the Good News
  4. Studying Ephesians – seeing how God’s grace
  5. radically alters the way we live
  6. Creation theology
  7. Developing an accountable relationship with your staff worker
  8. Raising support
  9. Knowing and understanding student ministry
  10. Learning how to plan student ministry work
  11. Governance


Online Application

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