Dr Rory Prest Memorial Fund


This Dr Rory Prest Memorial Fund is a seed account to help subsidise salaries for new SCO staff members in making way to employ 20 field workers by the year 2020.

Named after Dr Rory Prest, the first National Director of SCO (after the merger of the Students' Christian Association & the Students' Christian Movement in 1997) – this fund is inspired by Dr Prest’s now-defunct Centenary Fund, founded in 1996 with the same objective in mind. Up until the implementation of the Dr Rory Prest Memorial Fund, a majority of SCO staff have earned less than 50% of their intended monthly-earnings.


Our target is to raise R250 000 for 2018.

How you can help

You can assist us in meeting this target by making a once-off contribution of R2,500 or smaller deposits over a period of up to six months.