Our Vision

“Our vision is to build students in South Africa into communities of disciples transformed by Jesus Christ, impacting the School, the University, the Church and society for the glory of God”.

Our Aims

SCO is governed with four aims in mind:

1 – Evangelism: We seek to share the love of Jesus Christ with students – leading to a personal faith in God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, according to the teachings of the Holy Bible.

2 – Discipleship: We seek to nurture students into a deep, transforming relationship with God which will profoundly change the way they think, live and relate to others – equipping them for a life of service to God.

3 – Missions: We urge students to commit themselves to the expansion of God’s kingdom throughout the world by evangelistic witness. We see this as a means to respond with compassion to the needs of society and through this strive to work for peace, righteousness and justice.

4 – Engaging The Society: We seek to actively involved in issues pertaining to students in their respective institutions.