Masiye Conference

The Masiye Conference is a students mission conference, for Southern Africa. It is hosted by the English-Portuguese Speaking Africa (EPSA) office of the IFES together with the Students’ Christian Organisation (SCO), an official IFES movement based in South Africa.

Themed with the message “Let’s Go, Missions… to God’s World” (Matthew 10:7-16), the Masiye Conference will make way for guest speakers from across Africa and the world. Speakers to be on the look out for are:
  • Gideon Para-Mallam (Nigeria) – IFES General Secretary
  • Dr Daniel Bourdanne (UK) – IFES EPSA Regional Secretary
  • Rev Frank Chikane (South Africa) – AFM International President
  • Rev Calisto Odede (Kenya) – Senior Pastor of Nairobi Baptist Church
  • Lazarus Phiri (Zambia) – Vice-Chancellor for the Evangelical University
  • Ann Chow (Canada) – CEO of Ann Chow Event and Project Management
  • Jon Lewis (USA) – Senior Associate for Partnership Development with One Challenge International
  • David and Lisa Davoust (USA) – Authors and Business Partners
  • Martin Haizmann (Germany) – IFES Associate General Secretary for International Ministries
  • Dave and Sally Ivaska (USA) – IFES LINK for four regional movements
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