Getting Involved

Getting involved in student ministry is a beautiful thing and what better way to do it than through SCO?

We exist in numerous higher institutions and schools across South Africa. Your participation in the activities held at any one of our branches massively help fulfil our mission of Reaching Students for Christ.


There are two ways you can affiliate.

    • As a member – this means you are a supporter of an SCO branch within a school / university.
    • As a branch –  this means your school / university is a branch of SCO, connected to us (the parent organisation) and affiliated through us with the IFES, our international Christian family of student ministries.

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Have you been a member of SCO before? Graduated or left school, no longer  a part of the movement but still want to show your love and support? You can become an SCO associate through our Associates Christian Fellowship (ACF).

Our associates are alumni from all SCO branches within a particular province.

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The work of God cannot go without the resources, time and the effort given by our Lord and saviour.

Your giving means much to us – it is what enables the work of student ministry to excel on a higher level, both inside and outside the school or institution.

You can either donate directly to us a parent organisation, our provincial offices or to an SCO branch by referencing your contribution.

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STEM Programme

What to be involved on a ministerial level? Our STEM Programme equips individuals for the work of student ministry, preparing them as staff members of this organisation, their church or any other religious institution and vocation.

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