Branch Affiliation

Becoming an affiliate branch is easy! There’s nothing better than being part of the SCO family nationwide.

Basis of Membership
  • A Christian group at any institution of learning may be a member of SCO by affiliation. An affiliated branch shall comply with the following requirements:
  • It shall adopt the name “Students’ Christian Organisation”. In exceptional circumstances, an alternative name may be used for a certain period if agreed to by the National Executive.
  • If an alternative name is used, the branch’s affiliation to SCO must be clearly stated in its publicity material. It shall adopt and include in its local branch constitution articles 2 and 3 of the National SCO constitution.
  • It shall apply to the NATEX for affiliation.
  • Power to vote and hold office shall only be for members who acknowledge and have accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour and as God according to the Bible and agree with and assent to the Statement of Faith of the SCO.
  • An individual shall be a member of SCO through subscription.
  • A branch may levy subscription fees on its members.
  • A student Christian group may apply to the NATEX to be accepted as an Associated branch should it for whatever reason not want to become an affiliated member. An Associated branch may participate fully in all the activities of the SCO but has no voting powers.
  • Any individual who subscribes to articles 2 and 3 may become an Associate Member under conditions and with voting powers as may be determined by council for Associate Members.
  • Any individual who subscribes to article 2 and 3 and who is studying at an educational institution which has no SCO branch, may become an Individual Member of SCO under such conditions as may be determined by council.
  • No more than one branch may be affiliated to SCO at a particular institution.

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