Associates drive SCO from behind the scenes. Their prayers, support and assistance is vital to keeping the organisation steady in reaching its aims.

The work of the associates remains crucial for the sustenance and the advancement of the Students’ Christian Organisation (SCO).

The organisation is able to function because committed associates around the country continue to offer their time by coaching, mentoring, praying and also offering financial support.

The fun-part of being an associate is getting to mingle with other associates at special associate galas and prayer events. It’s really a family, outside of the usual SCO family on campus. Meet up with old buddies and praise God again like good old days when you were in university by becoming a listed associate of SCO in your province.

SCO alumni are welcomed to become associates of our organisation. The “As You Leave” form is your first step to get started in ensuring this organisation prospers long after your time of serving or studying.

 As You Leave Form