Your SCO needs you.  How do you “join”? – it’s simple you affiliate. This comes with so many benefits so be sure to not miss out.

There are two types of affiliation,

1) as a member and

2) as a branch.

Should you want to personally affiliate with us, you can simply do so below. Should you want you entire branch, movement, fellowship or society to form part of SCO – you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got tips on just how easy it is to make that happen.

As a member

Being part of SCO is great – but what better way than being a card-holding member of this massive organisation you know and love. Take ownership in the work of God by affiliating with us as a member of SCO.

What is the purpose of affiliating?

Affiliating as a member means you get to enjoy the full pleasure of being an SCO affiliate, attending conferences, getting plugged and recognised for serving in student ministry, receiving invites to SCO-orientated events happening in your province or community and on top of that you have a pretty card to prove it!

What do you need?
  • Be a student registered at a South African Higher Institution or pupil enrolled in school
  • Be involved in the SCO branch within your school or institution (this can be by attending a prayer or serving in one of their ministries)
  • Pay a small membership fee of R20 for you affiliation card
  • Be saved – transformed by the powerful working Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ

As a member of the organisation you will be a bearer to the Statement of Faith we hold as SCO.

 Statement of Faith


 Affiliate as a member for 2018

As an institution

Are you passionate about the work of God? Are you a student? Maybe, a teacher or staff member at school or an institution of higher learning?

You can affiliate your own SCO branch with it’s parent organisation.

What is the purpose of affiliating?

It is essential that SCO branches in both schools and higher institutions affiliate with us – in order to ensure the vision and mission of SCO is continued smoothly and faithfully across the country.

Affiliating a branch does not mean it will lose it’s integrity or level of leadership. It does however entail a fresh perspective on how to run activities in your school or institution and c0mes with a line of staff workers, Provincial Executives and support services provided by our offices to mentor, advise and support the work of SCO in the school or campus involved.

Adding your branch to our database make’s it an administrative beauty – adding your name to the loving family that is SCO.

What do you need?
  • A strong and honest intension/desire to affiliate as an official SCO branch
  • A letter of request for affiliation status – this can be written by yourself as the individual interested in establishing or affiliating your branch
  • A group of pupils/students eager to serve, run or establish the branch with you
  • A good leader who will be accountable in the work of God – this can even be yourself
  • A small branch affiliation fee of R100 for the administration and integration with your branch

How can we help?
  • We can ensure that your branch receives the mentorship / leadership support it needs
  • Any friend of ours is a friend of yours – meaning we share with you the people we know
  • Receive special invites to SCO provincial, national and regional events
  • Obtain prayer support through prayer partners like the IFES Prayerline
  • Discover new and exciting ways of student ministry through programmes and initiatives like Ses’khona

 Become an affiliate branch of SCO 2018